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The Final Interbike and a Mammoth EDuro

Hey Guys, 

I hope you are having a great start to the week! This email is a little late but I kind of just got settled back in after a couple weeks of road tripping and wanted to catch you up!

First off I went down to the Interbike Outdoor Demo to lead a few group E-MTB rides for Shimano along with Hans Rey. The group rides were awesome and we were able to fill up all 10 spots both days. We just went out for a 1.5 hour ride and showed everyone how fun and capable the modern Ebikes are to ride. It was all smiles and high fives and it was a great way to get to know some new people.

I also raced the Boogaloo short track Ebike race at both the outdoor demo and the following weekend at Mammoth Kamikaze games. The short track Ebike racing is freaking gnarly. At Northstar we had a lot of heavy hitters like Mark Weir, Aaron Chase, Victor Sheldon and a few pro xc / road guys. My only goal was to grab the holeshot, throw some whips and learn how racing these electric bikes feels. I was able to grab the holeshot, lead half a lap and then settle into 4th out of 25 pros the first moto and 6th the second moto for 5th overall. 

The following weekend at mammoth was a little different layout because the climbing was less technical and was basically a fireroad sprint to a single file downhill trail. I still participated in the race to gain some experience but i was trying to save my legs for the first ever EMTB Enduro the following day so i think I ended up 8th.

The E-Enduro was a trip! It was so cool getting to push the limits of handling on the heavier bikes and see what its truly capable of. The race course was identical for the conventional pro class and the Electric class so I was really excited to compare times. I had so much fun just cruising with my friends on the transitions between race stages. On the race course it was a totally different story though haha.

The majority of the race was above 20mph average speed which is where the Ebike cuts its assist and just becomes a 50pound trail bike. I was surprised at just how little the assist actually come on during the race and I would say 90 percent of the race was just me riding a heavier bike down the same trails. The assist would kick on out of tight corners and up a few of the short punchy climbs but I think it only helped me go faster in about 3-4 sections throughout the weekend.

After all was said and done I ended up winning the electric class by a little over 35 seconds and i got first on every stage aside from the last one when I was in protect the lead mode. Another cool little fact was that my combined time would have been 4th overall on the day across all classes.

I learned a ton from racing these three events and I am excited to work with all of my sponsors to help develop these bikes further. I think on the right courses with the right conditions they could be just as fast as a conventional bike right now but in the next three to five years we are gonna close that gap and these bikes are gonna be so much fun to ride.

So that's about all i have to fill you in on for now! Up next is the Redbull World Championship pumptrack race in Arkansas two weeks from now! Thanks again for all of your guys help and ill let you know how the next race goes!


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