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Sun Valley Full Tilt Enduro

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend! This past Saturday I raced an Enduro event up in Sun Valley called the Full Tilt Enduro and it was put on by the Race Cascadia crew from Washington.

This event was a little bit different format than I have raced in the past. It was a three stage enduro and you were able to get two chances on each trail. Only your best time counted towards your overall and then just like any other enduro, the lowest cumulative time was the winner.

I chose to race my 140mm 29inch wheeled bike since the courses were really high speed with lots of big berms and undulations you could pump and generate speed on. I felt really good all day and my bike was working great. I had six solid runs with no major mistakes and won all three stages en route to winning the overall by 37 seconds over second place with total race time of 21 minutes.

It felt really good to race again and since I have been riding a lot lately i felt pretty dialed. Now that the Boise bike park project is coming to an end I plan on getting a few more races under my belt to close out the season.

Another really exciting note on all of this is that I have been working really hard this summer with the team at my local sports therapy and chiropractic center ( Modern Chiropractic)  at identifying some major structural issues in my spine.

We identified a major leg length discrepancy with my right leg being 15mm shorter than my left early this summer and they fitted me with a 12mm heel lift in my right shoes to level my hips and straighten out my lower spine. Believe it or not but this has completely changed my day to day quality of life and for the first time ever in my racing career i was able to make it down every race run this weekend without needing to sit down on the straight sections and rest my back.

Even when I was competing at the highest level I was never able to stand up and attack down an entire run due to my low back getting really tight and fatigued. I have always had to strategize where I could sit down and relax every 45 seconds to a minute and give my back a rest. No matter how much I worked on my core strength it never really made my back get any better and i just thought that maybe everyone had to deal with it and I was the only one complaining haha.

This weekend was an eye opener and really makes me excited moving forward and looking at 2020. Now that we have some sort of a handle on my back issues I am excited to get out more and see what I can do!

Thank you guys for all of the support! I have had a really busy summer and I'm working on a bunch of videos from my last few months of traveling. Its been really hectic but awesome and I can't wait to finish off things at the boise bike park and start sharing that with everyone.




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