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First Ever Podium!

Hey Everyone, 

So I just got back from a fun weekend of racing at the Mt Hood stop of the NAET. This venue was my favorite one from last year and I knew the courses suited my style so I was really excited to put down a few runs on saturday and sunday. Aside from two minor crashes on stages 1 and 3 I managed to have a pretty solid 5 runs and was able to secure my first ever Podium at a National level event! It was so cool to get on the podium with the guys I have been looking up to for the past few years and it is unbelievable how much has happened this summer I can't express how grateful I am for all of the support to make it possible.

It is going to be awesome to see what the Americans can do next year on a bigger scale. The level of competition we have going on in the North American scene is un-matched right now. 6 out of the top 10 riders at this race, Myself included have had a top 10 finish at a world series event this season. I think things are on the up for the North American boys and hopefully we can shake some things up next season!

Thank you guys again for everything I truly could not have done any thing this year without your support. I really appreciate the help and I am glad you guys decided to give me a shot!

Sincerely, Kyle Warner


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